Halo SL 360° Work Light for Hard Hat


Halo SL hard hat light

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The Halo SL 360 work light for hard hat fits on most standard hard hats.  It gives the wearer visiblity for up to 1/4 of a mile (!).  It is cord free and the rechargeable battery fits in the halo itself and not a cumbersome battery pack stuck somewhere remotely.  It is water resistant, has a battery life indicator, and is a matte black color.   Modes:  Dim, low task, high task, spot, and turbo (everything on).  Run time up to 120 hours on low settings.

• Lightweight and cord-free
• 360° visibility for a quarter-mile
•  50-foot spotlight
• Powerful flood task lighting
• Compatible with any standard hard hat
•  Battery life indicator
• Charger and battery  included
• Matte Black
• Water resistant

Cannot be sent via air shipping method due to battery.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 2 in
Corded or non-corded







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