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      Class A Metal 1st Aid Kit


      This heavy duty metal kit meets the ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 standard as sold. It contains first aid products which meet performance specifications detailed in the new standard. It will continue to be compliant only when maintained with products that meet the standard at specified quantities.

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      Bloodborne Pathogen Kit


      Unique scoop bag for safe and easy clean up. Complete instructions and contents list.

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      Eye Wash


      Sterile eye saline solution to wash out foreign bodies or to dilute caustic or irritant chemical splash.

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      Ibuprofen packs of 2, 50/box.

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      Alcohol Wipes


      Use when soap and water are not available. Helps kill germs. Pads are 1”x2”, 100/box

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      Fabric Knuckle Bandaids


      Woven fabric knuckle bandaids for cuts in areas that are constantly in motion. 50/box

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      B1-SunTech™ Coveralls

      from $4.64

      SunTech™ is a limited use protective apparel made of the company's innovative fabric. SunTech™ is constructed of spunbonded polypropylene and laminated to Sunrise's new micro-porous film to provide a superior combination of strength, barrier protection, and breath-ability.

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      B1-Paint Suits

      from $38.00

      Spunbonded polypropylene is economical protection against non-hazardous, grimy-work environment applications.

    • Safety Vest Class 2 FR

      A-Class 2 FR Vest

      from $14.00

      Economical FR vest pretty much covers all site requirements except for arc flash conditions. FR material, two-tone trim, stock on lime but available in orange.

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      A-Class 2 Vest

      from $11.00

      Economy lime mesh class 2 safety vest with zipper closure and one inside pocket. Hi Viz class 2 rated vest.

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      A-Economy Class 2 Vest


      Economy Class 2 vest gets the job done in fulfilling job site requirements.

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      B-Class 2 Short Sleeved T-shirt


      Class 2 t-shirt with chest pocket eliminates the need for a vest over clothing. Bird's eye mesh has cooling properties by wicking away sweat.

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      Passage Safety Glasses

      from $1.50

      Passage safety glasses come with a detachable neck cord. Economy and practicality in one piece.

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      Bi-Focal Safety Glasses

      from $10.70

      Bi-Focal Reader Safety Glasses have a ratchet temple so you can position the glass where you need the "reader" part without having to continuously position the glasses on your face.

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      D-Leg Up Rescue


      Leg-Up is a device that enables the worker to remain upright after having a fall accident.

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      C-8' Self-Retracting Lifeline


      8' SRL has a webbed lifeline, composite housing for lighter weight, and includes the carabiner.

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      Core Safety Glasses

      from $7.00

      By a variety of lens choices the Core is among the top selling safety glasses for its performance in fit, function and style. This style is supported as it performs well in outdoor and indoor use. 

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      Ripper Flashlight


      Pocket Light, Hat Light, and rubberized bite grip if that works better for you.

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      c-Latex Dipped Hi Viz Glove


      This latex dipped hi viz glove gets great customer reviews for a reason. Dip is thick and provides traction when working with slippery metal or parts.

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      d-Orge Impact Glove

      from $18.00

      Ogre impact glove protects back of hand with a thermo-plastic rubber material while keeping the palm protected with foam padding.

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      d-Ogre Cut Resistant Impact Gloves


      Ogre Impact glove with cut level protection.

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      y-14" PVC Glove


      PVC dipped glove is etched to create a grip. Excellent in many applications such as plumbing, chemical handling, and wet materials handling.

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