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      Granular Sorbent


      Universal granular sorbent will not release spill contents into the environment. Safe to dispose of in regular landfill (barring hydrofluoric acid).

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      5 Gallon Spill Kit


      5 Gallon universal spill kit absorbs up to 4.6 gallons for unexpected spills. Great portability for quick deployment.

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      Nomex Balaclava


      Nomex hood is 100% Nomex material for flash protection which does not wash out.

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      FR Balaclava


      FR Balaclava is a tube liner material which meets ASTM F1506 standards.

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      Locks are necessary for lockout/tagout operations.

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      Lockout Tags, Roll of 100


      Do Not Operate Tags, Dispenser Box of 100 perforated tags made of synthetic paper.

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      Vinyl Lockout Tags


      Do Not Operate vinyl tags are rugged and can't be torn. Pack of 25 tags with cable ties included.

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      Lockout Hasp


      Lockout hasps are the most versatile, economical solution to OSHA regulations.

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      Rad Band 2

      from $1.75

      Rad Band 2 is a reusable foam banded earplug.

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      Deflector Ear Plug

      from $22.50

      Deflector ear plugs have a tapered bullet shape and an NRR of 33.

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      from $22.50

      All hearing protection products have been tested against the regulatory standards using an accredited laboratory (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) and meet ANSI S3.19 and ANSI S12.6 standards.

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      Ratchet Replacement Suspension

      from $5.00

      Rachet suspensions can be changed out to refresh your hard hat for longer use.

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      Face Shield Brackets

      from $4.85

      Hard hat brackets go over a hard hat (cap style) and are used to hold a clear face shield in place. Sold separately.

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      Head Gear and Visor


      Venom head gear and visor offers complete protection from head to chin.

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      1-MSA V-Gard Hard Hat

      from $16.85

      V-Gard hard hat is available in full brim or cap style. Call for more color options.

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      z-Kresto Hand Cleaner

      from $6.00

      Kresto® hand cleaner is an industry known name with an industry known fresh cherry scent. Made with walnut shell for heavy duty cleaning action.

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      y-14" PVC Glove


      PVC dipped glove is etched to create a grip. Excellent in many applications such as plumbing, chemical handling, and wet materials handling.

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      d-Ogre Cut Resistant Impact Gloves


      Ogre Impact glove with cut level protection.

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      d-Orge Impact Glove

      from $18.00

      Ogre impact glove protects back of hand with a thermo-plastic rubber material while keeping the palm protected with foam padding.

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      c-Latex Dipped Hi Viz Glove


      This latex dipped hi viz glove gets great customer reviews for a reason. Dip is thick and provides traction when working with slippery metal or parts.

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      Ripper Flashlight


      Pocket Light, Hat Light, and rubberized bite grip if that works better for you.

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      Core Safety Glasses

      from $7.00

      By a variety of lens choices the Core is among the top selling safety glasses for its performance in fit, function and style. This style is supported as it performs well in outdoor and indoor use. 

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      C-8' Self-Retracting Lifeline


      8' SRL has a webbed lifeline, composite housing for lighter weight, and includes the carabiner.

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      D-Leg Up Rescue


      Leg-Up is a device that enables the worker to remain upright after having a fall accident.

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      Bi-Focal Safety Glasses

      from $10.70

      Bi-Focal Reader Safety Glasses have a ratchet temple so you can position the glass where you need the "reader" part without having to continuously position the glasses on your face.

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      Passage Safety Glasses

      from $1.50

      Passage safety glasses come with a detachable neck cord. Economy and practicality in one piece.

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