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Southern Safety Supply

SAFETY GOAL: Come home each day the way you left in the morning.


Since 1997, Southern Safety Supply LLC has sold safety supplies and equipment to local and regional businesses. Our showroom features thousands of items that are stocked for immediate purchase. Unless you require a specialty item, chances are good that we have it on hand. Even if you need a more complicated piece of gear, we can get most items here in a day through our wide network of suppliers. One of our main goals is to buy local and keep it “Made in the USA” when possible.

We also sell to other businesses who don’t focus on safety products as their main line of revenue, but whose customers want one source for all their materials. Think of how this could enhance your value added to your current customers! We take all methods of payment. After conducting a credit reference check, we’d be happy to set up an account for you.  For individuals, we specialize in selling items in small quantities at a reasonable cost instead of having to buy full case quantities or paying inflated prices.  Need a pair of safety glasses and a Tyvek coverall?  We’ve got you covered.

We are a Federally Certified Woman Owned Small Disadvantaged Business. We supply large and small companies in the East Tennessee region, along with customers across the country. For example, we list several Wal-Mart Distribution Centers throughout the country as a repeat customer as well as TVA, the University of Tennessee, and several area manufacturers and contractors. We take great pride in serving our customers and make it a point to research all safety needs that may arise from production processes in order to protect employees and maintain compliance with OSHA requirements.

If your safety needs fall under hand or eye protection, spill abatement, signage, traffic control, roofing, barricade tape, or lock out/tag out, then we’ve got the product for you. Please call to get more information on our product lines for your flammable storage needs, respirator and respiratory cartridges, and hazardous material processing goods.  To open an account or if you need more information, click here.

8(a) Graduate/SDB  
WBE Certified with State of Tennessee
Tennessee Uniform Certification – TDOT DBE 

Proud Members Of:

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