Happy Paws Ice Melt – Pet Safe and Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

Happy Paws Ice Melt does not harm pets or children, is safe on all surfaces (even safe for the environment), and has a long lasting effect. In stock at Southern Safety Supply in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Happy Paws Ice Melt is pure calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) – the only deicer that is safe on new concrete, even new concrete at 28 days.  This product will not harm pets or children.  It is low corrosion: less corrosive than tap water.  Happy Paws Ice Melt is safe for the environment: readily biodegradable, low toxicity

This product has a great residual effect: requires fewer applications than other common deicers.  It is also multi-purpose: use straight, with salt, with sand, or as a liquid

PERFORMANCE • Works at the same temps as rock salt – best above 20°F • Has long lasting effect – better than salt or urea • Breaks/inhibits bond between snow/ice and pavement • We carry the solid Happy Paws Ice Melt which creates a dry, powdery snow which improves traction.


Happy Paws Ice Melt – 8 Pound Shaker Container
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