Stratos Fall Arrest Harness

STRATOS - Back View

Harness – Back View

STRATOS Harness - Front View

Harness – Front View">bm pharmaceuticals india

The innovative STRATOS Series of full body harnesses exceed expectations at the highest level. Designed with safety, durability, and maximum comfort as the finished product, the FrenchCreek STRATOS Series hit the mark. All STRATOS Series harnesses come complete with strato-lite comfort shoulder/back pad and leg pads permanently affixed to keep them in the ideal position. Strato-lite padding is specifically designed with open-celled air-mesh for breathability and moisture control for maximum comfort. Meeting and exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards, this American Made STRATOS Series of harnesses can truly be considered the Professional’s Choice.  Several options are available such as hip D rings for positioning, shoulder D rings for rescue, chest D ring and colored webbing options.  Please call for pricing on the options.  This harness weight starts at 2.9 pounds.   Click here to purchase the STRATOS harness.">pharmacomlabs

How to select the proper fall protection equipment?  Know your ABC’s:  “A” stands for anchorage or your tie-off point.  This anchor point must meet weight loads of 5000 pounds.  Ideally it should be overhead and not at your feet.  “B” stands for body wear.  This is usually the full body harness shown here on this product page.  Make sure that you have nothing in your pockets and that the harness is adjusted snugly around the legs (adjust it down to where only your hand can fit through the opening).  A staggering 90% of harnesses are worn incorrectly.  “C” stands for connecting device.  This is the critical link which joins you to the anchor point.  The type of connector you choose depends on the Total Fall Distance.  THIS IS CRITICAL in deciding to use a self-retracting device or a shock-aborbing lanyard.

You calculate Total Fall Distance with this generic formula:  5′ for the height of the person (this changes on your statistics but is based on the height from your heel to the D ring on your back) plus the length of the lanyard or 6′ plus the D ring harness effect which is conservatively 12″.  Please add the length of any harness extensions you use on your rig!  This means you’d need at LEAST 12′ fall clearance.  The standard rule of thumb is if you are under 18.5 ft clearance, use a self-retracting device, and if you are over 18.5 ft you can use either a self-retracting device or a shock-absorbing lanyard.  Please read all instruction manuals and follow all directions for the proper use of anchors, body harnesses, and connecting devices.

All of the harnesses we carry are MADE IN THE USA!  Click here to see all fall arrest equipment.