Extension Cords

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Solid Ground Extension CordGround Pin


The extension cord is a vital tool used by the construction industry on a daily basis.  Construction workers depend upon extension cords to provide power to an array of
electrical power tools on job sites in order to complete construction projects.   The majority of extension cords purchased by construction companies have ground pins that
break within 30 to 45 days of use.  Also, they have blades that bend and detach with very little force.  Many cords experience jacket separation from the plug within weeks of use exposing the electrical conductors and creating unsafe working conditions. After just a few months of use the outer cord undergoes jacket degradation because of outside temperature variations, rough surface conditions, and oily environments.  Unfortunately, the construction worker and the owners of the construction companies end up in an endless cycle of repairing and replacing their “construction grade” extension cords on almost a monthly basis.


This cord is long-lasting (12 months under normal wear and tear), economic (saves at least 50% per year on total extension cord expenses), and includes important diagnostic safety features designed to keep workers informed of the safety conditions of the electrical outlets that are being utilized.  Every Solid Grounds construction grade extension cord is equipped with a patent-pending Ground Light Indicator and a Normal Polarity Light Indicator.  These safety features help construction works to better understand safety conditions of the electrical outlet being utilized in an indoor or outdoor environment.  Workers often assume that the outlets provided on a job site are in good working order and safe to use.   However, this assumption is sometimes wrong and can result in unsafe conditions.

Check out Solid Grounds Cords extension cord line. Made in the USA, this cord has a patent pending pin technology which prevents the ground plug breaking off the pin thereby saving time, money, and reduces safety violations. Other economic benefits include a 45% savings on extension cord expenses annually, a 30% savings in power tool costs due to improved power supply to the power tools, and a 50% annual savings in self-inspection expenses since this cord contains a ground light indicator.  To get a breakdown of the exact benefits, read this.