Touch N Tuff Nitrile Gloves

Touch N Tuff Nitrile Diposable Gloves. Sold by the box of 100. Sizes L and XL only.


As compared to any other nitrile disposable gloves, these TouchNTuff® gloves resist a wide variety of industrial chemicals for longer periods. Manufactured from nitrile, the puncture resistance of these gloves is four times more than similar natural rubber latex gloves. These gloves have three times the puncture resistance of similar neoprene gloves.  As no natural rubber proteins are present in these gloves, the wearer has lower risks of being affected by Type I allergies or dermatitis. The Thin Nitrile Technology used in these gloves encourages easy donning and strong grip in both wet and dry conditions.  These come 100 gloves/box, sizes L and XL only.


92600L 92600XL
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