Solid Ground Cords Extension Cord

Solid Ground Extension Cords

Made in the USA, this cord has a patent pending pin technology which prevents the ground plug breaking off the pin thereby saving time, money, and safety violations. Other economic benefits include a 45% savings on extension cord expenses annually, a 30% savings in power tool costs due to improved power supply to the power tools, and a 50% annual savings in self-inspection expenses since this cord contains a ground light indicator. These cords pull a solid and steady 20 amps for a 10/3 cord where as most 12/3 cords are rated 13-15 amps. The cord capacity is 25 amps and are less expensive and easier to handle than the 12/3 cords. Comes in 25′, 50′ and 100′ length. Twenty foot Power cords are also available to repair cut or broken equipment and power tool cords.

$37.00 — $145.00

SGC1020 – 20′ Power Cord:
SGC1020 – 20′ Extension Cord SGC1010 – 10′ Extension Cord SGC1025 – 25′ Extension Cord SGC1050 – 50′ Extension Cord SGC1100G – 100′ Extension Cord
SGC1010 – 10′ Extension Cord:
SGC1025 – 25′ Extension Cord:
SGC1050 – 50′ Extension Cord:
SGC1100G – 100′ Extension Cord: