Sniper Safety Glasses

Count on the Sniper to perform on the job. Designed with the sportsman in mind, this style transitions easily from work environments to recreation!

Model Number: CRO9614
Lens: Smoke Polarized. Filters bent light caused from reflection reducing glare and eye fatigue.
Frame: Shiny Black

Model Number: CRO924
Lens: Clear. Allows maximum light transmission without changing or distorting light or colors.
Frame: Matte Black

Model Number: CRO91116
Lens: HD Copper. This style offers an anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lens. Suitable for outdoor, medium to bright conditions.
Frame: Crystal Brown

Model Number: CRO9233
Lens: Silver Mirror. Similar to a smoke lens, but has the added mirror coating which filters more light further reducing the glare. Ideal for bright outdoor conditions.
Frame: Black/ Crystal Burgundy

Model Number: CRO921
Lens: Smoke. The perfect all around tint for normal outdoor conditions.
Frame: Matte Black

Model Number: CRO925
Lens: Yellow. Enhances available light. Appropriate for low light conditions in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Frame: Matte Black

Model Number: CRO9610
Lens: Emerald Mirror. The mirrored surface over a smoke base lens diminishes glare by absorbing reflection across the mirror surface. Good for bright, outdoor conditions.
Frame: Shiny Black

$6.50 — $30.00

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