Joey XL Flashlight

Joey XL has 200 lumens!

The Joey XL LED flashlight is a powerful 3in1 LED flashlight, COB LED work light, and emergency flasher all in one. The Joey XL utilizes a 3 watt Cree® LED flashlight which emits an intense white light with a beam distance of 150 yards. The sleek body houses a powerful 200 lumen COB LED work light that projects a bright uniform luminance, perfect as a handy portable work light for all sorts of tasks. The strong magnet in the base allows you to attach it to any metal surface for hands free work. The 3 AA Batteries (included) have a maximum 7200 mAh power capacity. (better than the 4 AAA’s of the competition’s by more than 40%) giving you plenty of time to complete a task ! In an emergency situation the flashing red light increases your visibility in the dark making it easy for arriving help and on- coming traffic to see your location. The joey XL is an indispensable portable multi-use light source. Measures: 8.75” in length x 1.55 in width.


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Southern Safety Supply
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