First Aid

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First Aid

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      Alcohol Wipes


      Use when soap and water are not available. Helps kill germs. Pads are 1”x2”, 100/box

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      Bloodborne Pathogen Kit


      Unique scoop bag for safe and easy clean up. Complete instructions and contents list.

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      Class A Metal 1st Aid Kit


      This heavy duty metal kit meets the ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 standard as sold. It contains first aid products which meet performance specifications detailed in the new standard. It will continue to be compliant only when maintained with products that meet the standard at specified quantities.

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      Eye Wash


      Sterile eye saline solution to wash out foreign bodies or to dilute caustic or irritant chemical splash.

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      Fabric Bandaids


      Fabric 1"x3" bandaids provide flexibility when dexterity is an issue, 50/box.

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      Fabric Knuckle Bandaids


      Woven fabric knuckle bandaids for cuts in areas that are constantly in motion. 50/box

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