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      Bi-Focal Safety Glasses

      from $11.50

      Bi-Focal Reader Safety Glasses have a ratchet temple so you can position the glass where you need the "reader" part without having to continuously position the glasses on your face.

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      Cobra Safety Glasses


      The Cobra is among the top selling designs as it exhibits clean lines and is suitable for diverse applications.

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      Core Safety Glasses

      from $7.80

      By a variety of lens choices the Core is among the top selling safety glasses for its performance in fit, function and style. This style is supported as it performs well in outdoor and indoor use. 

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      Crossfire Goggles - Foam Lined - Element


      Crossfire Element Foam-Lined Goggle - Anti-Fog

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      ES4 Safety Glasses

      from $8.30

      Designed for all environments, the ES4 features an adjustable nosepiece, ultra light frame, and 100% visually correct lenses.

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      ES5 Safety Glasses

      from $8.00

      Designed for outdoor sports, the ES5 provides a polished looked with a light weight fit. The sleek framework provides substantial coverage for a variety of environments.

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      RPG Safety Glasses

      from $9.00

      The newly redesigned full frame RPG makes the list again as one of our best selling styles. Fitting a wide range of users, it is offered in various lens selections for application in diverse environments.

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      Sniper Safety Glasses

      from $6.50

      Count on the Sniper to perform on the job. Designed with the sportsman in mind, this style transitions easily from work environments to recreation!

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      z-Lens Wipes


      Lens wipes are pre-moistened to conveniently clean safety glasses or other PPE. 100 wipes/box.

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      Z-Steel Eyeglass Cord


      Steel Eyeglass Lanyards Retainer

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