Cut Level 5 Impact and Puncture Level 4 Glove

The RWG603 is a glove which offers cut protection with a sandy foam nitrile coating.  It has an ANSI cut rating of A5 and an EN388 cut rating of 5. The dense thermo plastic resin (TPR) overlays on the back of the hand provide added impact protection. This 13 gauge high performance glove is ideal for applications that need both cut and abrasion resistance along with the ability to grip objects with dexterity.  The seamless cuff design provides a comfortable fit while the TPR overlays help keep knuckles and fingers safe from pinch injuries or abrasions.

Tested to EN 388 standards for Abrasion Resistance, Blade Cut, Tear, and Puncture ( 4 5 4 3)
Applications: Petrochem Industry, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Material Handling

EN 388 is a European Standard. It tests the Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture characteristics of a product to determine its mechanical protection. Performance Level is ranked from 4 to 1, except for cut, which is ranked from 5 to 1.

EN 388 Results: 4543

  • Abrasion: 4
  • Cut: 5
  • Tear: 4
  • Puncture: 3
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