DAX Carbon Full Brim Hard Hat

full brim carbon hard hat

Black full brim carbon hard hat

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Just the sexiest hard hat to hit the market in a while….Fiber reinforced resin shell for superior impact protection.  Oversized ratching fitment dial is easy to adjust even with gloves on.  This has a rubber lid grip, a 6 point suspension system for a comfortable fit and a triple reinforced crown for superior impact protection.  Meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 requirements for Type 1 Class C.  Comes with a perforated Clarino synthetic leather comfort dome insert with molded EVA insert for additional shock absorbing protection.  This comes in a shiny or a matte black only.  We carry the matte style since we believe it looks quite unique.  Check it out:  http://southernsafety.com/shop/dax-carbon-full-brim-hard-hat/

Plugfones Earplugs with Cell Phone Interface – Bluetooth & Phone Jack

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Plugfones are earplugs which have an NRR rating and are ANSI approved.  Plugfones were created to be used as hearing protection in noisy environments in addition to allowing you to plug in to your cell phone to listen to music or take calls without removing the ear plugs. The most important thing to remember about Plugfones is that they’re earplugs first and earbuds second. As such, the entire Plugfones line is tested and compliant with ANSI S3.19-1974 noise reduction standards and meets NIOSH criteria. When used as directed, Plugfones are certified for Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) of 23 or 26 dB, depending on the plugs used.  For environments with high levels of noise, it may be necessary to use over ear protection such as earmuffs in conjunction with Plugfones products.

We carry two versions in stock.  The Guardian Plus plugfone which comes in a waterproof case, 2 styles of earplugs (one set silicone and one set foam), clip for cord to be safely secured, and a quick start guide.  The Guardian Plus uses Soundseal Noise-suppressing technology, has a noise isolating microphone, a volume control button which controls answering the cell phone, tuned speakers, is sweat-resistant, and allows the user to take phone calls without removing the earplugs.  With the noise isolating microphone, the caller will not be subjected to the noisy environment.  This eliminates workers who remove their hearing protection to take calls and never put the ear plugs back in service.

The second version is the top of the line Liberate 2.0 which is a complete bluetooth connection to the user’s cell phone.  This bluetooth connection is strong enough that the user can move up to 33 feet away from their cell phone and still listen to music or take calls without removing their hearing protection.  The Liberate 2.0 also has a waterproof case, 2 styles of ear plugs, a volume control button which also manages phone calls, fast charge technology (5 minutes of charging gives 2 hours of use), and lasts 12 hours on a full charge.

Plugfones allow the user to hear outside low-level noises (someone talking to them) while listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts.  Additional applications for this product include motorcycle riding, shooting ranges, yard work/DIY projects, the gym, and to block out snoring.  To purchase the Guardian Plus series, click here:  http://southernsafety.com/shop/liberate-2-0-plugfone-hearing-protection/ .  To purchase the Bluetooth Liberate 2.0 series, click here:  http://southernsafety.com/shop/liberate-2-0-plugfone-hearing-protection/


Extension Cords

Made in America
Solid Ground Extension CordGround Pin

The extension cord is a vital tool used by the construction industry on a daily basis.  Construction workers depend upon extension cords to provide power to an array of
electrical power tools on job sites in order to complete construction projects.   The majority of extension cords purchased by construction companies have ground pins that
break within 30 to 45 days of use.  Also, they have blades that bend and detach with very little force.  Many cords experience jacket separation from the plug within weeks of use exposing the electrical conductors and creating unsafe working conditions. After just a few months of use the outer cord undergoes jacket degradation because of outside temperature variations, rough surface conditions, and oily environments.  Unfortunately, the construction worker and the owners of the construction companies end up in an endless cycle of repairing and replacing their “construction grade” extension cords on almost a monthly basis.

This cord is long-lasting (12 months under normal wear and tear), economic (saves at least 50% per year on total extension cord expenses), and includes important diagnostic safety features designed to keep workers informed of the safety conditions of the electrical outlets that are being utilized.  Every Solid Grounds construction grade extension cord is equipped with a patent-pending Ground Light Indicator and a Normal Polarity Light Indicator.  These safety features help construction works to better understand safety conditions of the electrical outlet being utilized in an indoor or outdoor environment.  Workers often assume that the outlets provided on a job site are in good working order and safe to use.   However, this assumption is sometimes wrong and can result in unsafe conditions.

Check out Solid Grounds Cords extension cord line. Made in the USA, this cord has a patent pending pin technology which prevents the ground plug breaking off the pin thereby saving time, money, and reduces safety violations. Other economic benefits include a 45% savings on extension cord expenses annually, a 30% savings in power tool costs due to improved power supply to the power tools, and a 50% annual savings in self-inspection expenses since this cord contains a ground light indicator.  To get a breakdown of the exact benefits, read this.


Stratos Fall Arrest Harness

STRATOS - Back View

Harness – Back View

STRATOS Harness - Front View

Harness – Front View

The innovative STRATOS Series of full body harnesses exceed expectations at the highest level. Designed with safety, durability, and maximum comfort as the finished product, the FrenchCreek STRATOS Series hit the mark. All STRATOS Series harnesses come complete with strato-lite comfort shoulder/back pad and leg pads permanently affixed to keep them in the ideal position. Strato-lite padding is specifically designed with open-celled air-mesh for breathability and moisture control for maximum comfort. Meeting and exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards, this American Made STRATOS Series of harnesses can truly be considered the Professional’s Choice.  Several options are available such as hip D rings for positioning, shoulder D rings for rescue, chest D ring and colored webbing options.  Please call for pricing on the options.  This harness weight starts at 2.9 pounds.   Click here to purchase the STRATOS harness.

How to select the proper fall protection equipment?  Know your ABC’s:  “A” stands for anchorage or your tie-off point.  This anchor point must meet weight loads of 5000 pounds.  Ideally it should be overhead and not at your feet.  “B” stands for body wear.  This is usually the full body harness shown here on this product page.  Make sure that you have nothing in your pockets and that the harness is adjusted snugly around the legs (adjust it down to where only your hand can fit through the opening).  A staggering 90% of harnesses are worn incorrectly.  “C” stands for connecting device.  This is the critical link which joins you to the anchor point.  The type of connector you choose depends on the Total Fall Distance.  THIS IS CRITICAL in deciding to use a self-retracting device or a shock-aborbing lanyard.

You calculate Total Fall Distance with this generic formula:  5′ for the height of the person (this changes on your statistics but is based on the height from your heel to the D ring on your back) plus the length of the lanyard or 6′ plus the D ring harness effect which is conservatively 12″.  Please add the length of any harness extensions you use on your rig!  This means you’d need at LEAST 12′ fall clearance.  The standard rule of thumb is if you are under 18.5 ft clearance, use a self-retracting device, and if you are over 18.5 ft you can use either a self-retracting device or a shock-absorbing lanyard.  Please read all instruction manuals and follow all directions for the proper use of anchors, body harnesses, and connecting devices.

All of the harnesses we carry are MADE IN THE USA!  Click here to see all fall arrest equipment.


RPG Safety Glasses Offer Full Frame Coverage

Safety Glasses

Sporting a full frame design with color options, CrossFire RPG safety glasses appeal to a variety of those needing protective eyewear. The newly redesigned, full frame Crossfire RPG safety glasses makes the list again as one of our best selling styles. It fits a wide range of users and it is excellent in diverse environments. This model is also available in polarized lens.

Sleek, Modern Full-Frame Design for added protection
Dual Mold, Rubber Temple Grips for better stability
Hard coat polycarbonate lens protects against scratches
Provides 99.9% UVA and UVB protection
Complies with ANSI Z87.1 standards

To see all the options, including polarized, click here.

Flashlights & Headlamps

Digger Head Lamp


Joey XL Flashlight - 200 Lumen!

Joey XL Flashlight

Outback Flashlights believes wholeheartedly in their flashlights, and we want you to as well. That’s why Outback stands behind the workmanship of their flashlights by providing  a Lifetime Warranty.   If your flashlight breaks due to a manufacturing defect, please return it at your expense to Outback Flashlights at the following address:

Outback Flashlights
Attn: Warranty & Repair
480 South Geneva Road
Orem, UT 84058

Please include your name, address, phone number, email address, and a description of what the problem is. Outback will repair or replace your light at their discretion and ship it back to you free of charge.  If you are local, you can come by our store and we will exchange it for you.  We will handle the trade out with Outback to save you the time.

We also carry The Digger. It is Outback’s smallest headlamp but it still packs a CREE LED with that puts out a 100 lumen focused beam. The Digger has 4 functions: high white – 100 lumens, low white – 50 lumens, solid red for night vision and star gazing, and flashing red for safety. The Digger is water resistant, includes 3 AAA alkaline batteries, adjustable headstrap and 70 degree adjustable tilting head. Great for camping, backpacking, running, walking, working in dark spaces or anywhere hands free lighting is needed. And don’t forget the limited lifetime warranty.

Click here to purchase one of these Outback products.